Our Story


We created Sufi Naturals for outer care and inner love. We are interconnected beings- what's happening inside reflects on the outside. How we treat our bodies on the outside reflects how we feel about ourselves on the inside.

Sufi Naturals is a botanic intentional skincare line that cultivates a daily practice of alignment for body, mind, and heart. Plant-based oils, powerful botanic extracts, and natural ingredients are blended to make our pure products. Through the medium of skin, let's heal our outer and inner worlds.

True healing comes from within. Although we strongly believe in the quality of our products, we realize that your true glow comes from feeling aligned with your self. We prompt you to take the inner journey with us through our intentional herbal skincare line and see how your skin glows.

- Co Founder Mahin

Product Philosophy

Our products are inspired by connection to self. Our formulations are informed by our intergenerational body care practices, Ayurveda, plant-based knowledge, and skincare research. We use certified high quality pure oils, butters, plant extracts and clean minerals in our recipes. Tune into what your body + mind + soul is in need of and select which Sufi Naturals product can serve you.

Our 3 guiding pillars

1. Pure Nature: We select and use only pure plant/mineral extracts for their divine healing properties for skincare. Tried and tested through ancient knowledge, time, and science. 
2. Healing Intention: Our thoughts, words, and feelings are powerful. We create and make these products with the intention to make you feel beautiful and aligned in your own skin. We ask you bring this same intention with every application. Heal yourself.
3. Daily Practice: Transformation comes commitment. Nourish your skin daily with Sufi Naturals and uncover your radiant light.


With your intention & our Sufi Naturals products- walk the path of pure alignment.

Our Founders

Mahin Omar

Chief Creative Officer

As a herbalist, plant-lover, self-proclaimed alchemist, and overall wellness enthusiast, Mahin has been wanting to make herbal, natural skincare products for years. Her interest is not in solving peoples beauty problems for them, but rather inviting everyone on the journey to heal themselves. She is the driving force behind our formulations, aesthetic, and spiritual prompts.

Mahin has her Ayurveda-Yoga 200 YTT from Jai Wellness based in Toronto. She studied Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Vancouver. Her passion for plants, herbs, and self-connection comes from her existential hikes, meditative contemplation, and her spiritual connection to the path of a Sufi. She is passionate about igniting the flame for others to feel connected to oneself and be their deeper purpose. Pranayama, intuitive cooking, interacting with herbs, solo forest walks, namaaz, and reading sufi poetry bring her back to herself. At Sufi Naturals Mahin works on brand creation, product alchemy, and marketing. 

Jimmi Randhawa

Chief Operations Officer

Jimmi is motivated and driven to make good, clean, healthy skincare and wellness products available and accessible. She is our team manifester that lives life to the fullest and never wastes an opportunity to make life better. Her philosophy with Sufi Naturals is high quality ingredients, tried & tested beauty routines & a beautiful, elevated customer experience. She manages production, outreach, and everything in between.
Jimmi has transformed from a teacher to a Vice Principal and now to a savvy multi business entrepreneur. When she's not onto the next idea, she's travelling and dancing in some cool country. Or reading and completing puzzles at home.

100% Female BIPOC Owned Business based in Oakville, Canada. 

"Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare. But if you seek safety, it is on the shore."

- Idries Shah