The Healing Power of Nature

From nature we can find the tools we need to heal ourselves. 

But many of us have a disconnected relationship with nature, afraid of her cycles and changes. We are afraid to step out in the cold weather or humid weather, or get soil in our nails, or lay down in the grass. Our internal body is removed from our natural external environment. And what's the organ that links our external environment with our internal environment? Our skin.

So when seasons change, flowers bloom, air quality shifts- these impacts show itself through different skin conditions like hives, rashes, dryness, oiliness, acne, eczema you name it. 

At Sufi Naturals, we prompt you to re-connect with nature and see how she heals you. Here are some body, mind, and soul steps you can take to start that journey.

Body - switch to plant-based skincare products that have their natural ingredients scent in tact. Smell is a powerful way to feel connected, and natural ingredients in their pure form are very gentle in scent.
Mind - Leave your phone at home and take a journal and pen to a nearby green space. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths with the intention of connecting to nature. Gently open your eyes and observe what part of the green space you are attracted to - the buzzing bees, the windblown grass, the tall trees. Make note of it in your journal. Return to the same spot a few times every week and do the same activity. After a while review your notes
and see how your relationship to the green space has changed or remained.
Soul - Find some grass, take off your shoes, and let your feet connect with the earth. 'Grounding' is both a spiritual and scientific practice. The feet-soil connection allows the excess energy to flow into the earth. And the earth is there to receive it. We recommend grounding once a week.


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