Face Energy Points - Self Massage

Facial Energy Points Massage

In Ayurveda, energy points are referred to as Marma points. Marma points are the junction where the physical body meets the energetic body. They are the connecting point where the energy streams (nadis) meet prana (life force).

Our face has key marma points that with regular massaging can help with our lymphatic drainage, reduce fine lines, increase circulation, and help with reducing stress! 

How to Self-Massage your Marma (Energy) Points:

- Use this picture as your marma points guide. General rule- Work From bottom of face to top

Marma face points

- Take 3 deep breaths to start with the intention of caring for your self.

- Apply a facial oil or cream evenly on face (our Divine Day Cream or Illuminate Night Balm are great for this)

- Use your index or pointer finger

- Tap on the marma point on the marma point 5 times

- Rub your finger in small counter-clockwise motions for 5 rounds (you can choose how long you rub each point but stay consistent throughout)

- Continue to rub all facial marma points indicated

- Finish with one big deep breath in through your nose, out through your mouth

Ayurveda has wonderful self-care practices that help you return to your balanced and aligned self. Let skincare be your gateway into deeper self care practices.

With light,

Mahin (Creative Directer of Sufi Naturals)

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